400 Series Stainless Steel

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400 Series Stainless Steels

Shelmet offers incredible flexibility and virtually unlimited design capabilities. Those are benefits from experienced metal casting experts skilled in creating the most error-free investment castings in the industry. The amalgam of metals and alloys gives options for your projects that can improve durability and the life of your castings.

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400 Series Stainless Steel
410S41000A176; A182; A193; A194; A240; A268; A276; A314; A336;A473; A479; A493; A511; A580;SA194; SA240; SA268; SA479; 4105504; 5505; 5591; 5613; 5776; 7493 QQ-S-763  QQ-S-766J405    J412
416S41600A194; A314; A473; A581; A582; A895; SA1944165610  J405     
420S42000A276; A314; A473; A580; 4205506; 5621; 7207 QQ-S-766   J405
430S43000A176; A182; A240; A268; A276; A314; A473; A479; A493; A511; A554; A580; A815; SA182; SA268; SA4794305503; 5627 QQ-S-766   J405
431S43100A276; A473; A493; A511; A579; A580 4315628MIL-S-8967 MIL-S-18732 J405
440CS44004A276; A314; A473; A493; A580;  440C5618; 5630; 5880; 7445 QQ-S-763J405
17-4phS17400A564; A693; A705SA564; SA705; S174005604; 5622; 5643MIL-C-24111  MIL-S-81591 J467

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