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Shelmet Precision Casting Co. Inc is the leading American investment casting manufacturer founded for metal castings product designers to obtain flawless parts.

Work Together As Project Partners

Our metal casting experts evaluate your project from layout specifications through delivery as valued partners together. The Shelmet company tradition of care and value to our customers brings you exceptional quality with decades of near flawless parts production.

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Short Lead Times - Faster To Market

Shelmet attention to detail gets your project started right and continues to deliver your parts into the market faster. Ask about the Shelmet short lead times and inventory management program. For more than half a century Shelmet Precision Casting Co. Inc has worked with customers to exceed your expectations. Experienced customer service and investment casting engineering expertise since 1960.


Investment Casting Quality

Since 1960

Free Process Analysis and Recommendations

Shelmet experts in metal casting and alloy specifications offer you an added layer of confidence from initial concept to finished parts delivered to your door.  We partnered on thousands of projects using more than 100 alloys to bring you the most error-free and highest quality castings. Shelmet is qualified certified.

Experienced Metal Casting Experts

Shelmet Precision Casting Co. Inc is a recognized American leading quality investment casting manufacturer with more than half a century of service.

Investment Casting Since 1960

Casting specialists that maintain a hands-on, comprehensive monitoring with all Shelmet precision casting runs. On-time delivery and 98% customer satisfaction.

Shelmet customers become long-term investment casting manufacturer
business partners. Would you expect anything less in a
business relationship that works this well?

Meet the team

Jim Mokwa

has spent his entire career in the metal working industry. As a machinist for a large company early in his career, he was also earning credits in metallurgy and manufacturing practices. Jim has been with Shelmet Precision for over 40+ years. He was coached by one of Shelmet’s founders in designing wax injection tooling and gating. He is also the lead person for Shelmet’s ISO quality program and casting dimensional concerns.

Jim Mokwa


Gary Oliver

shares his over 30+ years of experience in investment castings with employees and customers alike. He believes that building strong relationships is the key to building sales which attributes to our high customer satisfaction rating.

Gary gets much more satisfaction from a personal phone call than an email.  “We’re here to help customers succeed in their projects and direct them into the proper process for their design.”

Gary Oliver

Vice President

Ken Doubek

manages all financial transactions for Shelmet’s daily operations.

Protecting Shelmet assets including trademarks, domestic and international shipments & organizing office operations.

He is the first third generation Shelmet officer contributing to
Shelmet’s success for over 30+ years.

Ken Doubek

Chief Financial Officer

Joe Klenke

as sales manager, oversees all domestic and international company sales representatives, handles internal customer service, and continues to increase export market share. He has worked every position within Shelmet during his over 25+ years with Shelmet.

Joe Klenke

Sales Manager

Jim Foreman

has been working hard for over 15+ years to provide Shelmet’s customers with the highest quality castings. With his Mechanical Engineering degree and manufacturing background, there is nothing he likes more than to witness the transformation from molten metal to precision castings.

Jim Foreman

Plant Manager

Investment casting manufacturer - Shelmet Precision Casting Co. Inc

Free Process Recommendation

The earlier we become involved with your project, the more beneficial it is to you. Take advantage of this investment casting process recommendation service at no additional cost. A Shelmet Precision Casting metal expert evaluates your project with you from every angle. Often, we save you time and money by suggesting small changes that provide massive value. An investment casting manufacturer working with you for your long-term success.

Investment castings - Manufacturing since 1960 - Shelmet Precision Casting Co. Inc

Precision Casting Quote

The metal casting specialists at Shelmet Precision Casting Inc can quickly provide you with an expert quote. Shelmet is an experienced investment casting manufacturer since 1960

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