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Lost Wax Process

Shelmet Precision Casting Specialists Are Experts In Producing Your Intricate Castings With Tight Tolerances

Shelmet Precision Casting Co. Inc

More than 100 Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Alloys

Shelmet Precision Casting Co. Inc

“Quality Through Innovative Services Since 1960”

Precision investment castings create the finest surface finishes in ferrous and non-ferrous parts. Clean, intricate designs with tight tolerances speed manufacturing time without machining or sanding. Complex metal castings of more than 100 single metals and alloys require no welding, assembling or finishing work. Precision casting drives multiple parts to market faster with the lost wax method of investment castings.

Stainless Steel Castings

Aluminum Castings

Bronze Castings

Cobalt Castings

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Call for free design recommendations, process recommendations or a fast quote. Shelmet Investment casting experts help people every day produce better designs with better processes for better castings.

Metal Casting Experts Watch Over Your Project

We’re here to help.  Shelmet pours more than 100 ferrous and non-ferrous alloys from Aluminum to Stainless Steels to Nickel and Cobalt Bases and more.  We have what you’re project needs.

Get To Market Faster

In minutes a Shelmet expert can recommend the perfect process for your project. Investment casting creates strong parts with intricate designs. Often multiple parts are cast into one part saving you money. We want your business, but from time to time we find designs that are better served with a different process. And we tell you why. Save money. Get to market faster.

Your Quality Casting Project Delivered Today

We price your finished parts to provide an outstanding value to you and your business. Superior quality requires excellent service.
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The Shelmet Precision Casting experts review your project, offer suggestions with top-level industry specific guidance where you want it.

Designs Ready to Go?

Send us your PDF print & electronic model if you have one in .step or .igs format. Or speak with a Shelmet Metal Casting Expert for help.


Investment castings require tooling. These tools are dies used to make wax patterns. The patterns are surrounded by a refractory material or shell, so Shelmet can produce your parts. Some customers already have dies waiting. Other customers need our tool and die experts to prepare them. Your Shelmet expert is as close as your phone.

Extra Processes

Shelmet Precision Casting is a one-stop shop. Different investment castings benefit from different finishing services. We provide powder coating to electroplating to more than a dozen of the most popular options. An extra casting treatment provides benefits not considered in the initial project design.

Quality Parts and Exceptional Service

Shelmet is a strong member of your project team success. Your investment casting production becomes part of an industry record of nearly 99% accuracy.

KAN-BAN Just-In-Time Lean Manufacturing Control Service

Ask about the Shelmet Kan-Ban program. It’s the most reasonable Kan-Ban production service in the entire investment casting industry. Ask how you can order finished parts and receive them in as little as three days.

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