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Medical Investment Castings

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Medical Investment Castings & Surgical Grade Metals  & Alloys

Complex medical device equipment castings by Shelmet exceed industry requirements.  The investment casting technology is exploding into remote procedures, robotics, artificial intelligence, and miniaturization with highly detailed precision casting production methods.

Shelmet Precision Casting Co., Inc invests significant research into product validation with an almost unlimited range of custom medical, surgical and standard alloys.

Shelmet Precision Investment Castings for Medical Industry Equipment

Tight tolerances and precision casting of intricate specifications make the Shelmet optimum medical equipment casting method the best choice. Advanced designs and specialized biocompatible qualifications often benefits from a complimentary manufacturing process review.

Medical Equipment Investment Castings
Hospital Electronic HousingsMRI Replacement Parts
Surgical Bay TablesMedical Pumps
Operating instrumentsSurgical Tools
Power Casting PartsDiagnostics
Rehabilitiation ToolsMedical Components
Carts & Table SegmentsSupports
Sports MedicalOrthotics
WheelchairsX-ray machines
UltrasoundCompression Air Parts

Contact Shelmet investment casting today for expert experienced assistance with your precision medical investment castings.

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Medical Equipment Castings

Shelmet expert prototyping can quickly sample your medical component casting for validation and testing.

Speak with a Shelmet Precision Casting trade expert to see how your castings can ship faster than currrent industry lead times.

356 Aluminum, Machined and Powder Coated Medical Equipment

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