Cobalt & Nickel Base
Investment Casting

Investment Casting |  Cobalt & Nickel Base Investment Casting

Shelmet is stocked to pour more than 100 of the most requested alloys and prepared to pour your custom alloy within the same, fastest industry turn around.

Cobalt & Nickel Base Investment Casting

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Cobalt Investment Casting
Cobalt #3Stellite 3R30103    
Cobalt #4R30404    
Cobalt #6Stellite 3R30006  5387 
Cobalt JStelite Star JR31001    
Cobalt #12Stellite 12R30012 SFA5.217238J775 (VF6) 
Cobalt #19Stellite 19     
Cobalt #21Stellite 21R30021A732 GR21, A-567 GR1SFA5.215385 
Cobalt #23   5375 
Cobalt #25Stellite 25 & L605R30605  5537 
Cobalt #31Stellite 31 & X40R300315382G ,  A732 GR12 5382, 5789 
FSX-414GE Pat. Spec B50TF489 A567 GR 12   

Nickel Base Investment Casting
Ni Alloy XHastelloy XN06002B366, B435, B572, B619, B622, B626SB435, SB572, SB619, SB622, SB626, SFA5.14 ERNiCrMo-25390, 5536, 5587, 5588, 5754, 5498, 7237   
CW12MWHastelloy C 276N30002A494 Grade CW12MW494    
CW2MHastelloy C-4N26455A494  Grade CW2M     
CX2MWHastelloy C-22N26022A494 Grade CX2MW     
CN12MIncoloy 20N08020B462, B464, B468, B472, B474, B751SB262, SB264, SB468    
N-7MHastelloy B or B2N30007A494 Grade N-7M 5397   
QQN-228 Comp AMonel 410, M30CN02420A494  MIL-C-24723  
QQN-228 Comp BMonel 506, M30HN24030A494  MIL-C-24723  
QQN-228 Comp CMonel 505, M25SN24025A494  MIL-C-24723  
QQN-228 Comp DMonel S, M25SN04019A494  MIL-C-24723  
QQN-228 Comp EMonel 411, M30CN24130A494  MIL-C-24723  
QQN-228 Comp FMonel RHN06001A494  MIL-C-24723  
Ni-Cu Alloy M-35-1Monel Wrought 400N24135A494     
Ni-Cr Alloy 600Inconel 600N06600A494 Grade CY40, B163, B166, B167, B168, B516, B517, B564SB163, SB166, SB167, SB168, SB564, 5540, 5580, 5665, 5687, 7232MIL-T-23227, MIL-N-23228, MIL-N-23229QQ-W-390 
Ni-Cr-Mo Alloy 625Inconel 625N06625A494 Grade CW6MC, B366, B443, B444, B446, B704, B705SB443, SB444, SB446, SFA.145401, 5402, 5581, 5599, 5666, 5837, 7490MIL-E-21562 (RN625, EN625)  

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Austenitic Stainless Steel

• Minimum 8% nickel with 18% chromium converts to austenite crystals
• Maximum .08% carbon
• 304 grade most common nickel base
• High tensile strength
• Better durability
• Corrosion resistant

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