Copper Based Investment Casting

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Copper Based Investment Casting gives you versatile options to create net and near-net shaped castings requiring minimal additional machining.  Parts made from resilient beryllium-copper to brasses and specialty alloys are common in thin, conductive wiring to intense marine uses.

Shelmet is stocked to pour more than 100 of the most requested alloys and prepared to pour your custom alloy with the fastest industry turn around.

Copper Based Investment Casting

Shelmet pours a variety of custom alloys. You can get specific answers at no charge from a Shelmet metal casting expert Help Line. Call 920-622-3344 

876Silicon Bronze
874Silicon Bronze
815Chrome Copper
863Manganese Bronze
955Aluminum Bronze
952Aluminum Bronze
953Aluminum Bronze

Copper based investment casting are commonly used in musical instruments that are polished for increased depth of sound. Valves and hydraulics cast in copper based alloys are used in wet fluid and gas fluid castings.


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