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Shelmet is stocked to pour more than 100 of the most requested alloys and prepared to pour your custom alloy within the same, fastest industry turn around.

Common Steel Associations

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Common Steel Associations I
CF3J93402A351/A351M A743/A743M304L
CF4J93402 410
CF5J93402A351/A351M A743/A743M304L
CF6J93402A351/A351M A743/A743M A451; A744304
CF7J93402A351/A351M A743/A743M A451; A744304H
CF8J93402A351/A351M A743/A743M A451; A744316L
CF9J93402A351/A351M A743/A743M A451; A744316L
CF10J93402A351/A351M A743/A743M A451; A744316
CF11J93402A351/A351M A743/A743M316N
CF12J93402A351/A351M A743/A743M347
CF14J93402A351/A351M A451316H
CF16CF16A351/A351M A743/A743MCH10
CH20J93402A351/A351M A743/A743M A451309
CK20J93402A351/A351M A743/A743M A451310
Common Steel Associations II
HG10MNNJ92604A351/A351M A743/A743MReplaced by N08604 
HK30J94203A351/A351M A608 HK30
HK40J94204A351/A351M A608 HK40
CF10MC A351/A351M 316Cb
CN7MN08007A351/A351M A743/A743M CA20
CN7MN08020B366; B462; B463; B464; B468; B471; B472; B473; B474; B475; B729SB462; SB463;SB46420Cb-3
CN3MNJ94651A351/A351M A743/A743M AL6XN
CG-6MMNJ93790A351/A351M A743/A743M Nitronic 50
CG8MJ93000A351/A351M A743/A743M A744 317
CF10SMnNJ92972A351/A351M A743/A743M Nitronic 60
CT15CN08151A351/A351MSA351Incoloy 800HT
CK3MCuNJ93254A351/A351M A743/A743M A744 254 SMO
CE20NJ92802A351/A351M CE20N
CG3MJ92999A351/A351M 317L
CA6N A351/A351M  
CA6NMJ91540A743/A743M A356; A487 F6NM

Common Steel Associations III
CA15J91150A743/A743M A217; A426 4105351
CA15MJ91151A743/A743M 410 
CA28MWVJ91422A743/A743M 422 
CA40J91153A743/A743M 420 
CA40FJ91154A743/A743M 420F 
CB6J91804A743/A743M CB6 
CB30J91803A743/A743M 431 
CC50J92615A743/A743M 446 
CE30J93423A743/A743M 312 
CF16J92701A743/A743M 303 
CF16Fa A743/A743M 303 
CF20J92602A743/A743M 3025358
CG3MJ92999A743/A743M 317L 
CK35MN A743/A743M   
CN3M J94652A743/A743M 0 
CN7MSJ94650A744/A744M CN7MS 

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Austenitic Stainless Steel

• Minimum 8% nickel with 18% chromium converts to austenite crystals
• Maximum .08% carbon
• 304 grade most common nickel base
• High tensile strength
• Better durability
• Corrosion resistant

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